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Its a good year for a murder

Birthdate:Nov 12
Where You Be At?:Fernie, Canada

Name Your Top Three Favorite Bands And Briefly Explain Why:
1.Thursday- The lyrics are so amazing. The poetry blows my mind and they hidden meanings.
2.From First to Last- They were really great guys when I met them. A kick ass live show and there lyrics and musicainship is great.
3.Blindside- Greatest lyrics ever and nicests boys.
Name Your Top Three Favorite Movies And Briefly Explain Why:
1.Saved- Just watch it the other night and it made me laugh I don't laugh all that often
2.Ghost World- Again funny and I can relate to the characters.
3.50 First Dates- Mnay good times with that movie. Adam Sandler movies are awesome.
Name Your Top Three Favorite Books And Briefly Explain Why:
1. Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice- These books showed how to look at the world with romantic eyes. The description of everything the characters saw made me fall in love with the world.
2.To Kill A Mocking Bird- This book portrays life so well.
3.Harry Potter- How can you not like HP? Its just another super cool world you can enter.

What Is It About The Emo Culture/Environment That Intrigues You?: For me it was the music that brought me to the culture and so called scene. Through loving emo I can meet so many people with amazing task in music and so many kids that are just like me.
What Is Your Favorite Thing About Music?: Lyrics. I don't think that music would be anything with out amazing words.
What Is Your Favorite Thing To Do?: I love to write.
What Is Your Dream Occupation?: Journalist.
Name One Geeky/Nerdy Trait You Have.: The fact that I would rather read then hang out. And I like to talk about music and really only ever talk about music.

Why Should We Vote For You?: Because I am kick ass. No I am kidding. Because I will actually vote, I am a geek which I am sure you figured out by reading this. And isn't that what we are here for?
What Makes You An EMOGEEK?:I like emo and I am geek? To be honest this is a hard question I don't know what makes me an emo geek its just who I am.

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This community is so dead. Sorry no one even voted on you.

If you even wanna be in here anymore.