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It's a good year for a murder

Name: Kitty
Age: 15
Birthdate: 7th June
Where You Be At?: UK

Name Your Top Three Favorite Bands And Briefly Explain Why: My Chemical Romance because they have such an individual style and there's a lot of raw energy but they channel it. Fall Out Boy because the lyrics are brilliant and the music is pure fun and gets me dancing. :( because nintendocore is brilliant and makes up for the fact that I never had a game boy -plus the voacls are great and THEY'RE SCOTTISH!
Name Your Top Three Favorite Movies And Briefly Explain Why: Amelie because it's hilarious and quirky and so unique. Memoirs of a geisha because it's so moving and sweet and sad and the clothes are beautiful. Life Of Brian because HELLO, Monty Python!
Name Your Top Three Favorite Books And Briefly Explain Why: Let's Get Lost by Sarra Manning because it's the first book I ever read that mentioned The Kills, Franz Ferdianand and the word emo. Guitar Girl by the same author because the character's so like me but ends up surrounded by so much hype and ends up in ruin but things end up okay. Walking Naked by Alyssa Brugman, even thought I always cry, because it's such a moving and amazing story.

What Is It About The Emo Culture/Environment That Intrigues You?: I can't put my finger on it exactly, but it's the way it makes me feel like I'm not so alone, the way I feel like I actually fit in somewhere. And the not being afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve.
What Is Your Favorite Thing About Music?: The way it can cure anything and everything. I had a really crappy, tough breakup with my ex several months ago, and without music- both listening to my CDs and writing songs of my own- I wouldn't have got through it.
What Is Your Favorite Thing To Do?: Spend time with my real friends doing dorky, nerdy stuff like singing along to the French Pokemon Theme Tune or walking around Newcastle singing Panic! songs really loudly and getting funny looks.
What Is Your Dream Occupation?: I'm torn between the sciences and graphic design.
Name One Geeky/Nerdy Trait You Have.: I love algebra.

Why Should We Vote For You?: Because it's make me happy, I would be an active member, I get involved in discussions etc. but accept that my opinion isn't always the same as other people's..and I am a genuinely nice eprson.
What Makes You An EMOGEEK?: I'm a science and inetrnet geek who is also very sensitive and into music..and I have thick-rimmed specs, that's gotta count for something!?

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Love's An Excuse To Get Hurt And To Hurt. Do You Like To Hurt?I Do.

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