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Alright, I'm making it my mission to revive this community. Anyone who is still keeping track of it, please comment on this post to be kept. Also, anyone that cares enough, go out there and promote us up!

I'm going to redo the layout and maybe the info and make it look spiffy again.

The other mods have abadoned us, so anyone that will help me bring this back to life, please let me know!!!

omg its a sabotage

woah dead :(
how harsh. but yeah it made me sad so i figured id find a picture to post for this gang-star theme bopper and sooo i go n find this photo of my ex boyfriend with him being all dumb hand motion n his hat all fucked up it was cute but noooooooo my scanner decided to be broken this evning so nope no picture for u guys :( o well bye for now

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