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Are you an emo geek?

Lets hope so..

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Welcome to the Emo_x_Geeks Live Journal Site. You have just stumbled across one of the best emo communities around. We are not only a site for emo people alike, but we specialize in emo geeks. If you not only wear black rimmed glasses, listen to Bright Eyes and cry, but also happen to get good grades in school and practice the Periodic Table of Elements-just for fun- then this is the community for you. So read the following rules, fill out your application, and send it in. We can't wait to hear from you.
-Alyssa And Megan: Founders of This Lovely Community.
- With major props to Rachel for making this off the hinges layout :D

Couldn't You Just Laugh Until You Choke? I Wish You Would.


*To apply you must be atleast 13 years of age or older.

*After filling out the application, (is listed below.)send us a post using an ljcut: <&lj-cut text="put your favorite lyric here"> application goes here <&/lj-cut>. Just remember to remove the "&" sign!!

*To assure us that you read the rules, please type "It's A Good Year For A Murder," on the subject line of your post.

*After sending in your application, you are NOT allowed to vote on anyone else's application until after you're accepted. If you don't follow this rule, you will be denied.

*When filling out your Emo_X_Geek Application Form, we encourage you to try and be as clear as possible.

*Remember that this is a rating community, don't automatically expect to be accepted just because your user name is CutOutMyHeart, etc, etc.

*It may take a day to two days to find out if you have been accepted. You need atleast 15 "yes"'s in order to be accepted. :)

What To Do If You're Acccepted:

* After you are accepted, you are allowed to vote on other applicant entries. Try not to be too harsh. :(

*Please put our community link in your info page. :D

*You can now use this community page as a way to interact with other members of Emo_X_Geeks. We encourage you to post about anything or everything.


*If you're a part of another community, it's okay to promote on our page.

What To Do If You're NOT Accepted:

*You must wait atleast two days before reapplying.

* It's okay to get upset, cry if you must, but if you cross the line, you'll be banned from the community.


Where You Be At?:

Name Your Top Three Favorite Bands And Briefly Explain Why:
Name Your Top Three Favorite Movies And Briefly Explain Why:
Name Your Top Three Favorite Books And Briefly Explain Why:

What Is It About The Emo Culture/Environment That Intrigues You?:
What Is Your Favorite Thing About Music?:
What Is Your Favorite Thing To Do?:
What Is Your Dream Occupation?:
Name One Geeky/Nerdy Trait You Have.:

Why Should We Vote For You?:
What Makes You An EMOGEEK?:

Promote This Community In One Place BESIDES Your Own Journal, And Send Us The Link That Will Bring Us DIRECTLY To Your Promotion.:

Show Us Atleast One Picture Of You.(If Sending A Link, Please Make Sure The Link Works!!):

Love's An Excuse To Get Hurt And To Hurt. Do You Like To Hurt?I Do.


This week's theme: Gangster
Theme Starts: Saturday, August 28
Theme Ends: Saturday, September 4
Theme Idea: papercutlove - Megan

Rules For Themes

*Post your picture with the subject line saying "Theme"
*One Picture per person
*If you don't have a camera or don't have them item required for the theme, don't wory about it.
*Rate each persons picture on a scale from 1 - 10. The person with the highest score after the week is up gets to be Member of the Week. Your picture will be on display in the info with your own little title and everything.

It's the geekmasters! We are your mods. You shall love us.

papercutlove - Megan
half_hearted_x - Alyssa
crack___axsmile - Rachel

x The Emo Geeks x

_kill_kill -Steve
the_new_ophelia -Mary
silver_x_bullet - Brett
sparex3xwords -Erin
diamond_shine -Darci
hyper_whoa -Kayla
neon_buzz -Kayleigh
caustic_beauty -Joyce
fading_east -Eric
__mangledmemory -Lexie
xiamthescenex - Courtnay

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Accpeted Banners

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